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Guinea Pig Basics and General Care

Children and guinea pigs

This section is recommended for families with children who are considering adopting a guinea pig. It includes the process involved in setting up a home for your guinea pig, the care of guinea pigs when involving children, and special considerations to think about. Our aim is too help you and your children to build a special connection with your new family member through appropriate love and care. read more...

Duty of Care

Bringing a new member into your family is a commitment and it is a good idea to have a checklist to read through to make sure a guinea pig is right for you. Click here to read the ACS Duty of Care.




Guinea pigs have certain dietary requirements that they need daily in order to stay healthy. Click here to read more about correct diet for your guinea pig.


Housing options for guinea pigs are endless. Don't settle on a tiny pet shop cage! Get your piggy a home it deserves! more...


Predator Safety

Keeping your guinea pigs safe from predators.





C&C Cages

Cheap, simple and the improved modern day housing lifestyle for guinea pigs!





Their are many bedding options for guinea pigs. Click here to read more about guinea pig bedding.





Guinea pig Accessories! Beds! Decor!

Little houses, snoozy beds, pipes and tunnels, bricks and ramps and more... Guinea pigs love, enjoy and need their creature comforts!




A guinea pig needs a companion of its own kind.




Why say no to wire bottom cages?

Many pet shops sell cages with wire on the bottom. Read more on why these are unsuitable for guinea pigs. more...




Behaviour and noises


Ever wondered what those wheeks! and grunts and rumblestruts and little jumps all mean? Click here to find out!



Toenail Clipping, how to bath your guinea pig and shampoos etc...

Click here to


Guinea Pig Health and Medical

General Medical

Recommended Vets!

Our list for you of Australia-wide recommended and trusted small animal and exotic vets! more...


Guinea pig weekly health check-list! Read here...






Medical Conditions


Their are several different types of external and internal parasites that can infest a guinea pig. Guinea pigs  require regular mite treatment to prevent infestation? more...


Fungal Infections

Fungal infections can often be undiagnosed in guinea pigs yet require quick action and treatment to stop a fungal condition from spreading. more...



 Heat/Cold Management







Quite often the ACS receive questions with regards to neutering a guinea pig including what's involved, cost and safety. Click here to read more




The Lethal Gene

Microphthalmia happens in the breeding of guinea pigs and yet it is completely avoidable. Click here to read full article.


Symptoms and how to treat this condition.



Medical conditions that require urgent medical attention.

Coccidiosis and Diarrhea

Symptoms are sudden leading to deterioration and death. Click here to read why to be careful where you purchase your guinea pigs and how to treat this deadly condition.


Teeth - Malocclusion / Overgrowth

Prevention, Symptoms and how to treat this condition.


Respiratory Infection (URI)

Prevention, Symptoms and how to treat. Note - This is not so uncommon condition where a guinea pig can deteriorate very rapidly without proper medication. Urgent medical care is required. (coming soon)


Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Prevention, Symptoms and how to treat. Note - This is a condition where a guinea pig can deteriorate rapidly without proper medication. Urgent medical care is required. (coming soon).


Other online guinea pig medical resources


The most comprehensive and informative guinea pig health and medical guide on the internet. See

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