Two guinea pigs rescued from petshop regularly reported for small animal mistreatment


At the end of October 2007 ACS Brisbane Shelter manager Jessica received a phone call from one of our volunteers after having seen two unwell guinea pigs in a local petshop. The local petshop located at Arana Hills Brisbane is well known to the ACS team for previously selling unwell guinea pigs and denying them correct medical treatment. They have also been reported many times in the past by members of the public and ACS volunteers for keeping their small animals in poor unhygenic conditions.


In this particular case one of the two guinea pigs in particular was suffering from mange mite infestation and also widespread wounds. Upon speaking with the owners of the pet shop the volunteer was told the guinea pigs were not for sale as yet as one was being treated for dog bite wounds...upon further discussion it became apparent the guinea pigs were not receiving correct treatment for their condition. The owner of the pet shop did not want to sell the guinea pigs in their current state although with some persuing eventually they handed the guinea pigs over. The guinea pigs were being kept in a fishtank and upon opening the tank to retrieve the guinea pigs many bugs were found coming out from the tank.


Once the guinea pigs were surrendered to ACS Brisbane Shelter the guinea pigs were immediately treated for mange infestation and their wounds were treated with Betadine solution. Within only 2 days of treatment both the guinea pigs and their condition improved greatly. Below are photos of Max and BJ the day they arrived at the shelter.



Below are photos taken from previous investigations into how the guinea pigs at this pet shop have been kept. Their is no air conditioning and it is quite common to find the small animals with no food or water and being kept in small fish tanks with minimal air circulation and bugs and ammonia build up inside the tanks.


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