9 Guinea Pigs Dumped in a Car Park!


In August 2007 ACS Brisbane Shelter received a call from a member of the public. These 9 precious faces below were all rescued by a family who found them dumped in a car park located in the Glass House Mountains area. The guinea pigs were running around frantically but luckily the family worked as wildlife carers and were able to rescue all of the guinea pigs. Their were initially more guinea pigs involved in this rescue although only 9 were surrendered to ACS the others were kept by the family that found them. The family nursed all the guinea pigs to good health and helped them to build trust in humans before surrendering them to the shelter. The guinea pigs were very timid and scared initially but grew to trust humans once again.


Re-named Chrissy, Laura, Jilli, Maddie, Sammy, Sarah, Simba, Tiger and Kenny the guinea pigs were all adopted through ACS to wonderful new homes.








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